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Select your custom level of protection with SunTek® automotive tint. Available in shades and hues ranging from rich black to optically clear, SunTek tint improves the look and performance of your vehicle’s window glass.


Evolve Series

The next evolution in ceramic window tint featuring HeatResist™ nanoparticle technology—with up to 94% Selective IR heat rejection capabilities2


  • Offers our best heat and infrared rejection, glare reduction, and over 99% UV protection3


CIR™ Series

Technologically advanced tint featuring our unique ceramic construction to help enhance solar performance and infrared protection.


  • Outstanding heat and infrared rejection with the power to block up to 99% of UV rays 


Carbon Tint

Carbon Series and advanced nano-hybrid carbon CXP™ feature a non-reflective black tint for enhanced solar protection.


  • Helps control heat, glare, UV and infrared rays for cooler driving comfort and less interior fading exposure

Please call (806) 676-9215 for a quote 

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